Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Longies I've made

Soaker knit in Purewool, with a Peace sign duplicate stitched on the bum.

The pink/brown ones on the left are crocheted using three ply purewool, ruffled bottom. The ones on the right have a hemmed waist (with internal drawstring, something I don't suggest using, awkward and bulky) and have a XO cable pattern down the sides knti with dk weight bfl.

A close up of the XO (Hugs and Kisses!) down the side.

Soaker in BBR. Knit with the Punk Knits Soaker pattern.

Longies Knit in Tykie Knits blue camo (I think)

Some super cute newborn longies knit in single ply Purewool. A dream to knit with and beautiful outcome.

Yarn was custom dyed by Alligator knits, with a hemmed edge and a double moss stitch bottom (that looks slightly ruffled)

A work in progress. I just bought the turtle butts pattern, and this is my first go around with it. Really, it was quite easy, knit in blue/white knit picks WOTA.

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