Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Swap Yarns

his post isn't going to be much. I've found that posting pics to my blog is the most expedient way to get pictures uploaded. Loading them on photobucket/snapfish takes forever.... and that's almost not an exaggeration.

These next few photos are of yarns that I'll be using to knit a pair of longies for a swap momma. The first is the colorway Jade Monkey,dyed by Nurturing Threads,on BlackBerry Ridge Merino
BBR is a heavier weight more durable yarn than most. Kinda mediocre on the soft scale, though I hear it softens up nicely with washing.

This next is Purewool, color Luca. It's a super soft, three ply yarn, that is hands down my favorite yarn to knit with. Minimal pilling, and altogether a good yarn.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Just a quick post...

Though I know I still "owe" you pics and an update from my last post re: our hike up hogsback, I wanted to post a quick photo of a completed project.

These were for a swap, and the colors are really gorgeous. I improvised on the flowers, and hope the momma likes them. Though if she doesn't, it would take just a few snips and they would be off. Me? I think they are adorable. Though the photo doesn't really do them a whole lotta justice....

Saturday, October 25, 2008


It was date day today. Scott and I decided that a hike up Hogsback was the perfect date activity. And Scott invited his friend Charlie along. Which wasn't very dately of him, but I like Charlie, so all was good. And, Charlie is a botany major so going on a hike with him includes a mini botany lesson. I learned about different types of lichens and moss today.

Took some really cool pictures today as well. This is my favorite:
It's a pitcher plant that was already pulled up, laying on the edge of a somewhat falling apart fence. Very cool composition, if I do say so myself. Love the colors and the detail.

I've got more to say and more pictures to post but I've also got a computer issue to deal with and a BtVS episode to watch. Priorities, priorities.

Knitting what not

It's been a few days. Life got in the way. It happens. I deal with it.

One of my latest knitting creations is a pair of longies for a swap momma.

I've had a couple hang ups with them, most notably, I was completely done with the body of them when I realized I just couldn't live with how the shortrows turned out. So, I ripped it back to the waistband and started over. They turned out much better the second time around. I'm further along than what the picture shows, as I took the pic last night and have been working on them here and there this morning. I really like the way the colors are playing out, and just realized that my picture is terrible. The colors don't really look like that. But I'm take another. I'd have to change lenses on my camera....

Also, I've been working on Christmas projects. Finished a long floppy hat for my youngest last night and am debating adding ear flaps to it. It will have a tassel at the end, though I haven't made it yet. Turned out quite cute, though I don't have a picture of it, and you are just going to have to trust me on this one. :)

Not much else going on around the homestead. Chickens, kids, work and school. That's about all that happens. Watched the Incredible Hulk last night and I didn't think it was near as bad as what the ratings made it out to be. I actually thought it was pretty good. That could be because I just really like Edward Norton, or it could be because I'm a Marvel movie junkie. Take your pick.

Have laundry, kids and dishes to attend to. And need to bake bread. Yay for the weeekends, huh?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's done!

It is done! Spent a decent chunk of time yesterday weaving in all those damn ends and put together the tassels this morning. I think it turned out really cute. Hope the mama this is for loves it as well.

The yarn pics below are for a potential trade for some yarn from a different mama.

8 oz BFL in Dyed by Tykie Knits, colorway Koi Pond

Saturday, October 18, 2008

An un-knitterly post

I think it's about time for a post that doesn't pertain to knitting. The big news for the weekend: a family addition. Before you jump to conclusions (Scott had that procedure done, remember?), I want to clarify: we got 6 new chickens. After losing five of our flock, we decided it was time to replenish. We are now the proud owners of 6 year old Production Red hens. You might be curious about how we lost our chickens. Well, Tabby decided to play with them. And they don't make good dog toys. We persuaded her to change her opinion of chickens as playthings though, so the newbies should be safe. They are currently living in the guinea hen coop and will remain there until we can introduce them to the rest of the flock and help them socialize a bit.

Other news: Ky is sick. He's got the snotty nose, congested cough/cold thing that is going around. Meh. Otherwise, not a whole lot going on. I'm mostly hanging around the house today, cooking, knitting and taking care of those little projects that always get bumped for something bigger.

Hopefully something interesting happens soon that I can post about, but until then, I'll continue to try to make the daily hum-drum of our lives seem more interesting than they really are.

It's done. Almost....

Hi! Well, I'm done with the hat. Done knitting the hat anyway. Here's what she looks like. (keep in mind that I still need to make and attach tassels.)

Even though I'm done with the knitting, it doesn't mean that I'm done with the project. There's always those fine tuning things that have to occur.....Like weaving in the ends.

Here's the picture of the INSIDE of the hat. I've got a good hour's worth of work left. Last night at the store, I bought a bottle of Port wine, ostensibly for the purpose of making a Port Wine reduction sauce for the beef tenderloins I'm making for dinner tonight. I think there was some subconscious action going on as well, though. I'll need the liquid fortitude to complete this leg of the project.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Project update.

Another update to the hat. I think It's looking pretty darn cute so far. I'm starting in on the decrease rounds, so it should move pretty quickly from here on out.

I'm thinking about making similar hats for my nephew, niece and son for Christmas. I probably would use a hemmed edge and no ear flaps for them, as they are a little older, but still, it would be very, very cute. And my nine year old daughter is already rooting around in my yarn stash to find the colors for her hat.

Oh, Just showed the hat to my boyfriend and his 14 yo son. They immediately started "fighting" over who would get it. Both saying they wanted one..... I actually had ato stop my boyfriend from trying it on.

Silly boys.

Project Update

Am currently working on a hat for a nice momma with the good taste to have a strikingly similar name as my own. Because she doesn't live next door, I thought I'd post a photo update of the progress on the hat. I'm wondering if the section of tan is too big...and what your thoughts are on the colors. Ignore the extra strands of yarn hanging around, I'll weave them in at the end of the project.

Yep, that's the extent of this post. My other knitting projects are sitting on sideline until this one gets done, and life in general is a bit, well, ho-hum right now.

Later gator.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I have ADD

Howdy (No, I'm not from Texas. Just trying on the 10 gallon hat slang for size)

I have a confession to make. I am an ADD knitter. What makes you think you have a sudden onset of Attention Deficit Disorder when you pick up your knitting needles? you ask. (I know you thought that, don't deny it.) I'll list the reasons. Apparently, I'm a list person.

#1: I lose interest in large projects. Quickly.
#2: I'm all about immediate knitting gratification. (As evidenced by the shocking number of hats I crank out. You should see how many hand knit hats are floating around this place!)
#3: If you check out my knitting library (yes, I have two shelves dedicated to knitting books. It's a bit embarrassing.) You'll notice a definite, one skein/ quick knits/ sock knitting / hat knitting type theme.
#4: The call of bulky yarn (read, quick knit yarns) is one I have a hard time resisting. Even though I look better dressed in thin, light weight, body skimming sweaters.

I'm ok with this little knitterly quirk of mine. Although sweaters are something akin to the knitting holy grail, I've learned to embrace hats, longies for Kylan and the occasional gloves,mitts or socks.

I do succumb to the call of the sweater at times, though. Right now, I have a sweater for Hannah on the needles and I've a sweater for Scott waiting a zipper, but I know my comfort zone. Sweaters just ain't it.

Ciao for now. (Ugh. Definitely not me.)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My life might be boring

What up? Dawg. (I told you I was trying to get this down. Writing for public perusal is a tough thing. You try it.)

I've spent considerable energy today trying to come up with mentally stimulating, exciting or plain old interesting things to blog about and I've had to face some hard truths. Because you must be on the edge of your seat in anticipation of reading what said hard truths are, I'll list them for you.

In no real order whatsoever:

Hard Truth #1: My life isn't that interesting. (Ok, so I lied, that one was the toughest one, and I'll justify this one later)

Hard Truth #2: My boyfriend's hobbies are more exciting than mine. (This one ran close to number one, but was ultimately easier to take then the first.)

Hard Truth #3: My life just isn't that interesting. (I wrote that again because it gets easier to swallow with repetition, it does bear repeating, and lists always seem more interesting when there are more than two things in them.)

Explanation of hard truths:

My life is full. Most days, I am up at eight and out the door shortly there after with a long day spent at the gym, the library, running errands, taking care of kids, etc. etc. I homeschool my 9 year old daughter, which is both an intellectual and spiritual challenge and most days a forcible challenge to my patience. I have a two year old who is energetic and fun but also, a challenge. I work from home (or the library) in between teaching Hannah and taking care of Kylan. I have friends, go on occasional dates with my boyfriend, and spend a considerable amount of time cooking some very cool things.

These things all add up to a, as I mentioned before, very full life. But they aren't that interesting or exciting. The details of my homeschooling efforts might occasionally fall into the realm of amusing but typically, not so much. There are only so many things I can say about my kitchen or what recipe I happen to be experimenting with. I don't want my blog to morph into a cooking blog.

My most time consuming hobby is knitting, which can result in some pretty damn cool items, but pales in comparison when your boyfriend has to wear body armor to participate in his sports. That's right, the boy has to wear a full shield helmet and pads on all extremities in order to safely participate in his sports. Unless I develop some sort of weird tic that leaves me in danger of stabbing myself in the eye with a needle while knitting, I'll never have to wear a full shield helmet while knitting. The closest I get to living dangerously while knitting is trying to knit a sock on four double point needles in the car while Scott is driving. You might not understand just how dangerous that can be unless you've actually ridden in the car while Scott is driving. If you have, you might be questioning my sanity for a) riding in the car with Scott and b) holding sharp, pointy sticks while Scott is driving.

Questions of my sanity aside, I've realized that I'm going to have put some serious thoughts and reflection about blogging topics.

So if you read something you like, do me a favor and give me a nod of some sort. Ok?

Here's Beanie, signing off....

(nope, that one doesn't sound right either)

Take Two

Hello to all my loyal groupies.

I don't think I actually have groupies, but the idea is nice.

Until you all turn into stalkers, then it would just be scary. But weirdly flattering.

How bout if I just say: "Greetings"

Although that does sound a bit odd and alien-like.

No, I'm not smoking anything! Let's try again:

Hi ya'll.

That one sounds more like me. With a bit of southern twang that I lost a while ago.

Get on it with it already, huh?

So, I know I've tried this blog thing in the past and it was a resounding flop. But, for some strange reason, I feel compelled to try it again. Actually, it's because I just visited somebody's blog and it was super cool. And, my thought is that if someone else can do it then so can I, except when it comes to writing my name in the snow with my own urine. So, I've decided that yes, I too can become a blogger.

Here I am, blogging away. Realizing that my life is not that terribly interesting and asking myself what the hell I'm going to blog (what a weird word) that other people will actually read.

So much for the potential of groupies. Or stalkers, for that matter. Well, that's a relief. kid just brought a two pound box of raw sugar into my office and began gnawing on it. I think I should probably go see to that.

Now I've got to think of a way to wrap this blog post up. What's the protocol here?

Do we end with XOXOXO?

Although that really isn't me. It would violate my personal space.

How bout: Bye for now?

Talk later?

Or should I just abruptly stop typing?


I'll figure this stuff out better for the next time around.